Pinterest Projects: Yarn-Wrapped Vases

Pinterest Projects is an ongoing series wherein I attempt to justify hours wasted spent on Pinterest by making projects from some of the inspiration I find there.

I moved into a new apartment this summer and promptly got the decorating bug. Sadly, however, living on a graduate student budget does not allow me to buy all the pieces I covet at Pottery Barn and West Elm. As such, I wanted to DIY up a few fun decor pieces on my own.

When I saw these vases (pin here; original idea from Penelope & Pip), I knew I had to try them. As with everything I have ever found on Pinterest, I found constructing these vases harder than it initially appeared. It was tricky to get the yarn to stick, particularly when I first applied a piece. My vases required an insane amount of Mod Podge and a huge dose of patience. But, I’m proud of the result. Here’s how I put these together:

I started by gathering my supplies – Mod Podge, a paintbrush, four colors of yarn, and three “vases.” Two of my vases were reused objects – a wine bottle and a juice bottle. I couldn’t find a third vessel I liked at home, so I ended up buying a super cheap ($5, I think) vase from Michael’s for the third.

I decided to go with a green and blue color palette. This is way too much yarn for three vases, so I now have plenty of leftover yarn. What should I make with it?

The basic idea behind these vases is simple enough: apply mod podge to vase, stick yarn on top of it. My tip: apply your Mod Podge liberally and in very small sections at a time (it dries pretty quickly). And be prepared to get your hands covered in Mod Podge. Embrace it.

Again, though these took a bit longer than expected, I like the finished project a lot. Grad student cheap-but-cool at its finest.

Have you ever been inspired to create anything you found on Pinterest? Did the results turn out as expected?


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