Pinterest Projects: Spinach Feta Quesadillas

Pinterest Projects is an ongoing series wherein I attempt to justify hours wasted spent on Pinterest by making projects from some of the inspiration I find there.

When I was in college, I never cooked. Like, ever. The extent of my culinary prowess was boiling water for pasta, which I would then top with canned tomato sauce or pesto. My roommate didn’t cook that much either, but she did used to make quesadillas all the time. It was a bit of a running joke: she would make them, and then my other roommate and I would constantly bother her to give us some. Anything for a home cooked meal, you know?

Flash forward to today, a few years later: now I cook for myself all the time, and making quesadillas doesn’t seem quite so impressive. In fact, they’ve become a go-to dish for me, usually when I’m not sure what else to make: all you have to do is throw together whatever vegetables, cheese, and meat you find in your refrigerator.

Of course, sometimes I go with more gourmet, non-improvised versions of quesadillas, like these spinach feta ones. I found the recipe on Pinterest (pin here; original recipe from Closet Cooking) and followed it with just a few small variations – I used a bit less mozzarella cheese (about 3/4 cup) and didn’t add the herbs (because I didn’t have them on hand and was too cheap to buy them). Sometimes I’ll also add a bit of shredded chicken. Whichever variation you choose, you really can’t go wrong with spinach and feta (am I right or am I right?). Here’s my process:

Pretty simple, right? What’s your go-to dish when cooking?

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