Girl & the Goat

I had a handful of restaurants that were on my “must visit” list while in Chicago this summer, and at the very top of those was the Girl and the Goat. I wanted to go because 1) The owner, Stephanie Izzard, was on Top Chef, 2) She won Top Chef, 3) She was the first (and only) female to win Top Chef, and 4) She is a Michigan alum. So, basically, she’s awesome and why wouldn’t you want to eat at her restaurant?

I quickly realized I wasn’t the only one who wanted to dine at Girl and the Goat; I attempted to make a reservation back in June shortly before I went to Chicago, only to find out that you had to book much further in advance. So, instead, I wound up making a reservation then for August; Girl and the Goat was to be my farewell meal in the city.

It was worth the wait. I really enjoyed the meal; all the dishes felt unique and innovative, not to mention the fact that they use locally-sourced ingredients. I would highly recommend the restaurant and I can’t wait to go back myself – the menu changes frequently, so I’m sure it would be fun to go back and see what’s new. In any case, here’s what we had:

We started with a bread basket (with very tasty bread and butter). The really important thing in this picture, however, is the goat napkin ring. Cute detail!

I chose a “Best of Three” as my cocktail: vodka, Pimm’s, cucumber, and lime. It’s pretty much guaranteed that if there’s a cocktail on the menu with Pimm’s in it, I will choose it.

Girl & the Goat’s menu is divided into three sections: vegetables, fish, and meats. We ordered three items from the vegetable menu, two from the fish, and one from the meat. First up from the veggie menu was a kohlrabi salad, which was tasty but led me to conclude that kohlrabi is not really my jam.

Tempura soft shell crab with sweet corn elote (no idea what elote is, but the corn was fantastic):

Pan fried shisito peppers:

Chickpea fritters:

Wood-fired Walter’s Chicken with fried pickles (the sauce on the chicken was delicious, and the fried pickles were yummy, albeit guilt-inducing):

Wild striped bass with grilled eggplant and garlic hazelnuts:

We ordered two desserts. The first was my mom’s pick – sweet corn and peaches with brown butter gelato and spiced caramel corn. I love the idea of caramel corn on a dessert; it’s brilliant, right?

And this was my choice: the magic chocolate shell with watermelon granita and royaltine. Never heard of royaltine? Neither had I, but it’s amazing – I can only describe it as chocolatey-cookie-crunchy goodness. I also found watermelon and chocolate to be an unexpectedly wonderful combination:

Doesn’t that look good? The perfect end to a meal, for sure.

The Details: Girl and the Goat | 809 West Randolph Street, Chicago, IL 60607 | 312.492.6262

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