Emmys 2012: Fashion Recap

Around this time of year, guys get super pumped about Fantasy Football. This always baffles me, because I kind of detest professional football. Then, it hit me: red carpets are my Fantasy Football. Everyone’s gotta have their thing, right? Thus, I feel completely justified in obsessing over each celebrity’s outfit and writing this blog post.

The Emmys, as a telecast, were kind of awful this year. The jokes were stale, the acceptance speeches were rushed, and almost nobody I like won an award (except for Damian Lewis – yay!). The only thing that redeemed the night for me was the fashion; I thought there were a lot of solid looks (and, naturally, some awful ones too – but those are also amusing in their own way). Let’s discuss:

My Best Dressed:

  • Emilia Clarke: I liked how unique this dress was – very modern and fresh and cool. I’m also a big fan of the bold purple florals; it reminded me of Kate Middleton’s recent Prabal Gurung (which I also loved).
  • Heidi Klum: Way to kill it, Frau Klum. I seriously saw this dress and typed “HEIDI KLUM” in all caps in my notes. I mean, Heidi is just completely shutting it down – gorgeous color, lovely hair, perfect draping, the works. This was clearly meant to be a “take that, Seal” dress and it totally succeeded.
  • Tina Fey: For years, Tina Fey’s red carpet dresses have either left me sad or bored. This year, I say: finally! This dress was perfect – I loved the deep burgundy color, and the baroque detailing on top was beautiful. Get it, Liz Lemon.

Honorable Mentions:

There were a lot of great looks last night, and I had a hard time narrowing down my best dressed list to three. So, here are three other looks I adored:

  • Zooey Deschanel: I am so glad Zooey went with a ballgown over an “I’m quirky” cocktail dress with tights, as she is wont to do. This was very Cinderella-esque, but in the best possible way. I loved her hairstyle and the pale powder blue color of the dress.
  • Amy Poehler: Similarly to Tina Fey, Amy Poehler’s red carpet looks are usually tragic, making me pumped that she broke out of the rut. And similar to Heidi Klum, Poehler proved the rule that the best thing you can do for your style is go through a breakup. This was a beautiful dress, and her hair has never looked better.
  • Kerry Washington: I just adored the color of this dress – perfection (though I think it looked far more fabulous on television than it does in this photograph). In any case, this look was stunning – the exact right dress for her.

My Worst Dressed:

  • Ashley Judd: I swear, I can remember a time when Ashley Judd was a red carpet all-star (exhibit A). Her past glories make this look particularly tragic; it is terrifying from head (that awful hair) to toe (the weird way the dress fans out at the bottom). Glamorous Ashley, please come back to us.
  • Lena Headey: I am oh so sad about this look because Lena Headey is awesome and should look fierce on the red carpet, but she never does. I just don’t even know what to say about the top of this dress – it’s a messy gothic catastrophe.
  • Ginnifer Goodwin: I know it’s Ginnifer’s thing to wear avant-garde looks on the red carpet and I give her props for being daring, but this looks like a toddler glued red crepe paper atop a sheer gown. She’s so pretty; what a shame.

Other Fashion Awards of Note:

  • Best Beading: The top of Nicole Kidman’s dress is just to die for (get it?!). I’m less sold about the overall effect of her look, however – something just seems missing to me. I also would have preferred to see her hair in an updo or pulled back into a sleek ponytail.
  • Most Striking: I don’t think many people could pull this dress off, but Julianne Moore totally can (and did). Her red hair with that stark yellow dress was unexpected but amazing.
  • Most Expected Yet Still Awesome: Seriously, what else is Sofia Vergara going to wear to the Emmys? This is totally her kind of dress: curve-hugging, sparkly, and attention-grabbing, but she looks great, like a fabulous Colombian mermaid. I don’t think most people could handle this much sparkle, but she can.

  • Best Old School Glamour: I always find it interesting how the ladies of Mad Men (particularly Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks) often end up dressing in classic, glamorous outfits, almost channeling their show. Jessica Pare clearly did the same, and I loved the effect: a simple but gorgeous dress and absolutely perfect hair. Seriously, love the hair.
  • Most Wonderfully True to Herself: I was so curious to see what Lena Dunham would wear, as she seems like someone who probably feels super awkward walking the red carpet. She did a nice job picking an Emmy-appropriate dress that still felt true to her. Also, her haircut is fantastic and her makeup looked great.
  • Best Indie Vibes: I loved how Leslie Mann’s dress had almost a bohemian vibe, yet still felt glamorous. I loved the vibrant yellow skirt and thought the green jewelry added just the right touch.

  • Most Adorable: Seriously, I just want to put Kiernan Shipka in my pocket. This dress was adorable – cute color, and look at her tiny little bag!
  • Best Neon: I know neon has been trendy of late, but it never seemed like something that could (or should) translate to the red carpet. But I liked Julie Bowen’s dress; she was definitely pulling the neon off. Not so sure about her hair though – maybe a tad too beachy?
  • Best Color: There’s nothing revolutionary about the silhouette of Archie Panjabi’s dress, but I’m semi-obsessed with its color. Seriously beautiful.

  • The Maize & Blue Award of Excellence: Anyone who wears Michigan colors on the red carpet grabs my attention, and I (mostly) liked Hayden Panettiere’s blue and gold Marchesa. I like the blue fabric at the bottom of the dress, but I’m less sold on the piece that’s draped over the top; it felt like a bit much.
  • The Sleek & Stunning Award: This dress was so simple, but I thought Edie Falco killed it. I love the effect of the gold belt, and she chose the perfect hairstyle for this dress.
  • Best Floral Touches: I adored Sarah Hyland’s dress overall, but it was the straps, with their delicate flower details, that truly sold me on the look. Her hair, however, feels a bit “prom” to me.

  • The Christina Hendricks Junior Award: Kat Dennings was wearing a pretty (albeit simple) dress but – let’s be honest – that’s not what’s pulling focus here. Maybe you should reign those ladies in a bit, girlfriend.
  • Best Hair: I love Christina Hendricks’s hair – perfect old school Hollywood glamour. I sort of like her dress, but the belt does not thrill me.
  • Worst Hair: Oh dear lord. Connie Britton should fire whoever did this to her hair. I mean, I just can’t. This makes me particularly sad because Connie Britton is awesome (she’s Tami Taylor, y’all!). Sidenote: I also thought this dress – and particularly its halter top – was a poor choice.

  • Most Dull, Round 1: I’m so sad about this dress; Emily VanCamp should be a red carpet all-star. This tweet pretty much sums up my frustration.
  • Most Dull, Round 2: I wish Kristen Wiig would embrace color; her red carpet looks tend to be drab. This dress is kind of delicate and pretty, but it’s also sort of blah.
  • Most Unnecessarily Matronly: I loved Mayim Bialik’s hair, but her dress has way too much fabric. I was rooting for her to have a “Rachel Leigh Cook in She’s All That” moment (aka, geeky girl goes sexy). Alas, it was not to be.

  • Best Use of a Bedsheet: I feel like Claire Danes just thought, “Screw it. I’m pregnant, so I’m just gonna drape a bed sheet over my bump and call it a day.” It’s not a terrible dress, per se, but it could use some tailoring or a little more pizazz.
  • Most Gothic: What I like about January Jones is that she is always daring on the red carpet; even when she misses, you could never accuse her of playing it safe. I’m on the fence about this look: it’s dramatic and striking, but maybe just a little too dramatic. Also, can we talk about her makeup? For a pale girl, she’s wearing far too much black makeup, and the effect is slightly terrifying.
  • Most Reminiscent of My Grandmother’s Couch: The title of the award says it all: Julianna Marguiles is wearing a dress whose fabric strongly resembles a couch my grandmother used to own. The thing is, though, I can’t decide if that makes this dress tacky or fabulous. When I initially saw it, I thought “hell, no,” but the dress is actually growing on me. I think I will call this one a winner.

  • Most Reminiscent of a Space Alien: Dear Zosia Mamet, your dress is really strange. I know you are quirky, but there’s quirky and then there’s…weird. And this is definitely the latter. Just odd.
  • Most Disappointing: Michelle Dockery’s dress saddens me; I wanted her to have a “wow” fashion moment, but it apparently was not in the cards. This dress looks dull and wrinkled.
  • The “I Can’t Believe That’s My Girl!” Award: Dear Anna Chlumsky, you look so freaking glamorous! I can’t believe it. Where has time gone?

Who were your red carpet favorites?

(Photos via People, Huffington Post, and Suicide Blonde)

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