Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins

After undergrad and before law school, I lived in Madison, Wisconsin for three years. Madison has a really fantastic downtown, and one of the highlights is the Terrace, which is a terrace (obviously) behind UW’s student union, overlooking the lake. Now, I love U of M, but I have to say Wisconsin’s student union is way more awesome than ours, largely because of the Terrace. During the warmer months, the Terrace is especially cool: tons of people outside, sitting on the brightly-colored chairs, drinking beers and chatting while looking out onto Lake Mendota.

Besides the view and the general atmosphere, the other thing UW’s union had going for it was its ice cream shop. The signature flavor there is the orange chocolate chip, which I loved. I always used to take guests downtown to the Terrace when they would visit, and we would usually stop for ice cream. Despite my encouragement to try the orange chocolate chip, most of my friends and family were just not having it. I think people hear “orange” and “chocolate” and get freaked out by the combination, but, really, it’s wonderful.

So when I saw these Orange Chocolate Chip Muffins on How Sweet It Is, I knew they were a must-make. They may not be quite as satisfying as eating orange chocolate chip ice cream, but they are delicious nonetheless. If you are leery of the flavor combination, my advice is: don’t be. Just do it. Pure wonderfulness, I swear.

(Recipe via How Sweet It Is)


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