A2 Bucket List: Kerrytown Farmers Market

It has been awhile since I’ve crossed off an item on my Ann Arbor Bucket List. Between exams in April and May, spending the summer in Chicago, and a hectic August, there hasn’t been much spare time for Bucket Listing. But things are settling down a bit, and it’s time to get back to the list. Number 30 on my Ann Arbor Bucket List was to visit the Kerrytown Farmers Market.

In reality, it was a bit of a cop out that I put this on my list – I’ve been there several times before, but have never taken photographs of the event. So this trip was solidly documented and can now be officially crossed off my list. I love the Market; to me, it’s classic Ann Arbor in all its hipster, liberal weird wonderfulness. It’s always a fantastic way to start your Saturday.

What did I bring home from the Market? Some veggies for various meals, as well as the two things pictured below: a delicious soft pretzel and beautiful fresh flowers. A successful trip!

19 down, 41 to go!

The Details: Ann Arbor Farmers Market | 315 Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | 734.794.6255

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