Pink Lemonade Bars

I read a lot of blogs and, of those, a huge segment are cooking blogs. Reading these blogs always makes me feel slightly bad about my own culinary skills: good food bloggers make everything look so easy. Their food always comes out looking beautiful – their cakes are never crumbly, their chicken never gets burned, their sauces always thicken just as they’re supposed to. I’m sure if I actually knew any of these women in real life, they would tell me they have had many a cooking mishap. But I don’t know them, and so I go on feeling somewhat awed by all I still need to learn about cooking.

Take this recipe (via Smitten Kitchen), which, when it caught my eye, seemed so simple – yet I still messed it up. For example, I don’t think I mixed the batter well enough, so there were random flour chunks clearly visible when the bars came out of the oven (though these were conveniently covered with a liberal dousing of post-baking powdered sugar). I also had none of the fancy supplies that were needed: a fine mesh sieve (uh, what?), a food processor (okay, not that fancy, but I don’t have one), and parchment paper (again, not that fancy, but I didn’t have it on hand). You know those awesome food bloggers? Well, I’m almost certain they would never be caught dead without a fully-stocked pantry that included parchment paper.

But you know what I think? I’m never going to be a fancy food blogger. I enjoy cooking, but I just don’t think culinary greatness is in my cards. I will, inevitably, always be missing one item I need for a recipe. I will always have to Google certain food items before grocery shopping because I don’t know what they look like. I will always make a gigantic mess in the kitchen. And that’s okay. A few years ago, the only thing I could do in the kitchen was boil noodles for pasta. Now I can make (reasonably well) most things I set out to cook. I’m kind of proud of that. And you know what? These pink lemonade bars came out pretty tasty, even with all the stumbling through.

(Recipe via Smitten Kitchen)


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