Project Runway: Season 10, Episode 11

This week’s Project Runway was one of the more amusing episodes in recent memory, as the six remaining designers bumbled their way through caring for their “babies.” While this was a completely ridiculous premise for a challenge, I decided to forgive the show for it because it was so damn hilarious. Let’s discuss.

The Challenge: Product placement alert! Heidi and Tim met the designers at Babies ‘R Us, where Heidi told the designers all about her clothing line for children. Heidi also informed they designers they would be creating a look for a toddler and the winning boy and girl looks would be manufactured and sold at Babies ‘R Us. And then (in a twist anyone who has watched PR for awhile could have predicted), the designers were later tasked with creating a “companion piece” to their toddler outfit – a garment for each child’s mother to wear.

My Top Three:

  • Sonjia: I liked the cute little suit on the baby (it even had elbow pads!), but I hated the fabric Sonjia used for the shirt. Not to reinforce silly gender stereotypes or anything, but that is totally not a boy’s shirt. Still, the suit was so cute that I’m willing to overlook that detail. I also thought the mom’s look was nice – it was put together, but still looked comfy enough for a mom on the go.
  • Christopher: I loved this, and I am SO glad Christopher ignored the mom’s criticisms of his outfits because his instincts were spot on. The baby looked adorable – the flowered dress had such a wonderful texture. And I think Christopher chose the perfect fabric for the mom’s dress; it was gorgeous!
  • Fabio: The kid kinda looks like a little pimp, but in a cute and loveable way. He had baby swagger. I liked how Fabio incorporated the printed fabric sparingly so that it made the outfit interesting but wasn’t tacky. I also really liked the mom’s dress, particularly how the hem was shorter in front.

My Bottom Three:

  • Melissa: The baby’s dress was boring – it was just a white dress, and it was too short to boot. The little vest over the baby’s outfit added nothing special to look, and I found the smiley face on the back of the vest tacky. The mom’s outfit was a complete throwaway; it wasn’t ugly, but it wasn’t really a special design either.
  • Elena: I liked the idea Elena had for the baby’s ruffled jacket, but the stuff she paired it with was awful. The color combination – navy, bright pink, and a sage-y green – just didn’t look great. Plus, I think Elena over-embellished the baby’s look: a sequined top, flower appliques on the jacket, a ruffled waistband on the pants, and a headband. Her mom’s look was okay but forgettable (a theme for all the mom outfits tonight).
  • Dmitry: I loved the mom’s dress – simple but chic, and oh so Dmitry. But…the baby’s look was atrocious. Sonjia called this a firefighter costume, but to me, with that hood, it reads more like a red crayola crayon (which, I swear, I typed in my notes before Nina said it. Just for the record). It pains me to put Dmitry in the bottom, but it had to be done.

Bitchy Lines of the Night:

  • “It’s like you are making an outfit for a cat.” (Dmitry, on designing for children. Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the future winner of “father of the year”).
  • “Her name is asshole” (Elena, on the name of her “baby.” Ladies and gentlemen, we have found the future winner of “mother of the year”).
  • “I really don’t see myself ever putting my kid in Dmitry’s firefighter jumpsuit. He looks a little homeless, in my opinion.” (Sonjia on Dmitry’s look. This was funny, but I’m still standing by my crayon theory).

Random Bits + Pieces:

  • While making baby clothes was definitely a great way to stress out the designers, I am not sold on this type of challenge so late in the game – it’s completely unrelated to the sort of design these guys generally do, and I’m not sure it helped tell us who was deserving of moving one step closer to Fashion Week.
  • My favorite (non-bitchy) line of the night came from Christopher: “Now I know why Judy went off the deep end with Liza.” Bahahaha.
  • Remember last week when I called this show Project Friendship? Well, the friendship times are over, as Christopher, Fabio, and Dmitry mutually agreed not to help Melissa even though she was far behind. Honestly, I’m surprised they didn’t reach this conclusion sooner – girl may be nice, but at the end of the day, she has to lose if you want to win.
  • This week’s guest judge? Hilary Duff, whose primary contribution was repeating the same things that whoever spoke directly before her said. I get that she just had a kid and all, but couldn’t the show have found some other stylish celebrity mom? My dream choice would have been Stella McCartney. How amazing would that have been?!
  • Today, the cast of the next Project Runway All-Stars was announced. It is completely egregious that, less than a year after the first “All-Stars” (quotations used to highlight my incredulity), the show is doing another round. Shouldn’t there be several seasons between each edition of All-Stars? That said, there are a few designers I’m excited to see again – namely, Ulee (yay!), Kayne, and Andrae (“Designers, look out for Andrae – he’s our little lamb”). As for the rest of the bunch? Meh.

The Results: Sonjia had the best boy’s outfit and Christopher had the best girl’s. I probably would have given Fabio the win over Sonjia (though it’s a close call), but I agree with Christopher’s win. The judges sent Elena home, which felt right – she had never won a challenge, and it was definitely her time to leave.

What did you think of last night’s Project Runway? Was it complete nonsense to make the designers create clothing for toddlers? Did the judges make the right choice sending Elena home? And can you believe that another season of “All-Stars” is coming in just a month?

(Contestant photos via Lifetime; Michael Kors’s face of brilliance via Entertainment Weekly)


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