Chicken Pad Thai

Pad Thai is one of my favorite meals. My go-to spot in Ann Arbor is No Thai!, but I have been trying to eat out less and cook at home more, so here’s a version I have been turning to lately. I found this recipe years ago, and it’s from Weight Watchers, so you can feel better about eating this than take out Thai. Perhaps it’s lighter on the oil or other bad-for-you things that tend to make food delicious, but I happen to think it’s really good regardless – in fact, it’s one of the recipes I most frequently repeat.

I follow the recipe almost exactly, except I omit the chilli peppers as I am that lame person who answers “Not spicy” when asked how spicy I want my food. I also always forget that you have to soak the noodles for an hour beforehand, and thus end up having to wait longer than I’d like to finish making this – so don’t be like me, and remember to soak your noodles in advance. Other than that, it’s pretty self-explanatory. And delicious. Enjoy!

(Recipe via Weight Watchers)


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