Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 46

Trust me, the above picture will all make sense in a moment. Trust me, part two: this list of things is seriously awesome:

  1. I believe I have mentioned the Paris vs. NYC book before, but now there’s an accompanying video. Equally awesome. (I’ll admit, I’m torn on the macarons vs. cupcakes debate).
  2. My Dog: The Paradox. So, so true.
  3. The cast of Full House reunites (minus the Olsen twins who, of course, are too cool for this kind of thing). This show was my childhood, and this photo makes me feel so old. Sidenote: DJ’s boyfriend, Steve, is still looking good!
  4. Mitt Romney quotations atop pictures of Lucille Bluth. So brilliant; I wish I came up with this.
  5. And more Mitt (it’s just too easy with him): I suppose it was inevitable, but the Mitt Romney Gangnam Style parody has arrived. Hey, wealthy ladies!
  6. This extended first look at the Les Mis movie made me cry. Cannot. Wait. For. December.
  7. The most brilliant comparison ever: Titanic and Aladdin. My favorite is #2, wherein Fabrizio is compared to Abu the monkey.
  8. I love this story: a 102-year-old woman is enrolling at Michigan. Go blue!
  9. These lists – The 10 Best Fictional Boyfriends and the 10 Worst Fictional Boyfriends – are pretty on point, not to mention hilarious (re: Don Draper, “I don’t care how hot Don Draper is. Frankly he could be made out of liquid gold and red velvet cake, and it wouldn’t make dating him any less of a walk over a bed of flaming nails”). BUT, where is Jim Halpert on the best boyfriends list? Egregious oversight. Unless you’re coming at the list from the viewpoint of Karen Filippelli, in which case his omission is probably justified.
  10. This is oddly mesmerizing: Every On-Screen Drink on Mad Men.

In search of more awesome? Head to the Things That Are Awesome archives.

(Image via Buzzfeed)

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