Barbeque Chicken Enchiladas

In my previous life as a project manager, the first client I ever had was located in glamorous Corpus Christi, Texas, a city not exactly known as a culinary mecca. One thing Corpus Christi did have a lot of, however, was barbeque – which, unfortunately for me, I don’t really like. On the team I worked with, everyone loved one spot in particular – Rudy’s, a barbeque joint that was literally housed in the same building as a gas station. Nobody seemed terribly disturbed by this fact except me, and everybody (except me) raved about how delicious Rudy’s was.

All this is to say that my aversion to barbeque runs rather deep; I just don’t get it. Others, however, clearly do not share this aversion. My dad is one of them, so when it came time to choose an entree for his birthday dinner, I chose these Barbeque Chicken Enchiladas from How Sweet It Is. I was intrigued by this twist on a traditional enchilada, and rightly so – these are quite tasty, even to a barbeque-hater like me.

The recipe is quite easy and I pretty much follow it exactly. My one piece of advice? If you’re spicy food-averse, please take the “pinch” of cayenne pepper thing to heart. I think I was a bit overzealous with the cayenne, and these enchiladas definitely had a kick to them. Other than that, enjoy!

(Recipe via How Sweet It Is)


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