Pinterest Projects: Nutella Pumpkin Muffins

Pinterest Projects is an ongoing series wherein I attempt to justify hours wasted spent on Pinterest by making projects from some of the inspiration I find there.

I don’t know about you, but I feel like it became fall overnight. One day it was hot, and the next, there was a chill in the air and the leaves had suddenly exploded into colors. I’m not complaining, though – autumn is my favorite time of year.

As the seasons change, I am totally wanting to cook meals that feel more like “fall” – think warm and hearty soups, apple pie, comfort dishes, and, of course, pumpkin-flavored anything. And that’s where these muffins come into the picture.

In the blog universe and on Pinterest, there have been a ton of pumpkin recipes popping up. I have bookmarked several, but the one I knew I had to try was this one (pin here; recipe via Reclaiming Provincial). The main draw here was obviously the Nutella. I mean, do you know what does not go well with Nutella? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

So, I made these muffins and loved them. Seriously, they just shot to the top of my all-important mental list of things I have made that I love. Pumpkin and Nutella is a delightful flavor combination, and these bad boys smelled like heaven when they came out of the oven. Heaven, I tell you.

What’s your favorite fall treat?

(Recipe via Reclaiming Provincial)


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