Movie Review: The Trouble with the Curve

I pretty much knew exactly what this movie would be like before I even took a seat in the theater: Amy Adams and Clint Eastwood (who play father and daughter) would start out shaky, but bond in the end. Amy would fall in love with Justin Timberlake (but would be reluctant at first). Clint would impart wise old man life lessons on Justin. There would be at least one corny sports moment that would give you chills (even though you could see it coming). And I was exactly right.

It’s fall now, and so I’m going to use this analogy: this movie is like cold-weather comfort food. Like a hearty chicken noodle soup, if you will. There’s something comforting in its familiarity. You know exactly what to expect, but it still warms your heart.

I don’t think The Trouble with the Curve was a good movie, per se, but it was definitely solid. Amy Adams is reliably wonderful (though I do wish a movie would, for once, portray a working woman who didn’t hate her high-powered job). Justin Timberlake gives a sweet performance, leading me to continue to ponder when exactly he became a legitimate actor. And Clint Eastwood plays Clint Eastwood. Seriously, is he even acting anymore? I’m pretty sure this is just who he is, a gruff old dude. But, an entertaining gruff old dude nonetheless.

So between Adams, Timberlake, and Eastwood, the movie definitely keeps you entertained, but my biggest problem with the film was its ending. It all ties up just a little too neatly. The climactic moment in the ballpark is wonderful, but at the same time – come on! That would never happen. And, of course Amy Adams decides she doesn’t want to be a lawyer. And of course Matthew Lillard’s smarmy character gets his comeuppance. And of course Clint Eastwood gets to keep his job. I am not saying I wanted them all to be miserable at the end (because I tend to be bummed out by movies that go that route), but a little more realism would have been nice.

My Grade: B-

(Image via MTV)


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