Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 47

The weekly roundup of internet awesomeness:

  1. These are so cool: Minimalist Vector Portraits of Cultural Icons.
  2. Here’s the Arrested Development reunion photo the world has been waiting for.
  3. And one more thing from the Bluth family: Arrested Decision 2012. So, so good.
  4. The Ten Commandments of Air Travel. This should be required reading before anyone gets on a plane.
  5. Adele sings the new James Bond theme and, as expected, it is fabulous.
  6. As a history major, Midnight in Paris fan, and nostalgically-inclined person, I loved this article: The Perks of Being Nostalgic.
  7. Not going to lie: this Google Chrome Ad makes me teary-eyed.
  8. Holy cute: 40 Fantastic Animal Costumes. I love them all.
  9. I have always been bitter about Rose not making room on that damn door, so this is awesome.
  10. Mr. Rogers defends PBS. Just beautiful. What a wonderful man.

(Image via Entertainment Weekly)

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