Funfetti Birthday Cake

If, hypothetically, you were to make me a birthday cake, you should know – I am a chocolate cake kind of gal. Given the choice of cake flavors, I am not certain why anyone would choose anything else, unless they happened to choose red velvet cake. That, I could get on board with. My dad, however, is one of those strange people who does not like chocolate (uhhh, what?!). So, when it came time to bake him a birthday cake, I knew I had to go with another option.

I found this Funfetti Layer Cake on Sweetapolita and knew I had hit the jackpot – it was not chocolate, it looked delicious, and it was super cute (although, come to think of it, that last one probably was not high on my dad’s list of priorities when evaluating his ideal birthday cake). I’m not an experienced baker, so this recipe was a tad daunting for me: the cake and the frosting were from scratch, plus there was the whole business of piling layers atop each other and frosting them without the whole thing crumbling. But, I pulled it off – and I think my dad enjoyed it. I know I did. I mean, when there are that many brightly colored sprinkles involved, how can you say no?

(Recipe via Sweetapolita)

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