Pinterest Projects: Huevos Rancheros

Pinterest Projects is an ongoing series wherein I attempt to justify hours wasted spent on Pinterest by making projects from some of the inspiration I find there.

If you’ve ever seen the movie Julie & Julia, you might recall that the character of Julie doesn’t like eggs – or, at least, she spent most of her life hating eggs until one day she decided to actually try them. Well, for most of my life, I was a bit like Julie; I simply didn’t care for eggs.

Over the last few years, however, I have been rethinking my egg antipathy. In fact, eggs have become a regular staple of my diet and now I enjoy them. Weird, huh? In fact, I made this recipe (pin here; recipe via Bev Cooks) because I was actually craving them. It turned out pretty tasty (even though I overcooked my egg a bit), and I would definitely make these again.

Oh, and you know how I opened with saying, “if you’ve seen Julie and Julia”? Well, if you haven’t seen it, get on it. Great movie. Meryl Streep = genius.

(Pin here; original recipe via Bev Cooks)


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