Project Runway All-Stars: S2, E3

The Challenge: The designers met Carolyn in Long Island City, where they saw the world’s largest collection of “aerosol art.” Carolyn tasked the designers with making their own “wearable art,” which they were to create by using spray paint to design their own patterned fabric. While this seemed like a pretty creative idea for a challenge, it struck me as super difficult to spray paint something with any level of accuracy if you’ve never done so before – and, from some of the patterns the designers produced, I suspect I was right.

My Top Three:

  • Casanova: The shape of this dress was very basic (and verged on being cut too low in back), but I thought Casanova knocked it out of the park in terms of spray painting technique. His design actually did look like wearable art, which was the whole point of the challenge. I especially loved the little cityscape Casanova painted in the dress’s bottom left quadrant.
  • Anthony Ryan: I adored this dress, particularly the patten, which I found bold and graphic in the best way. The dress was also well-tailored, and I liked the wide black belt. Anthony Ryan’s look was the clear winner to me but, sadly, not to the judges.
  • Joshua: I struggled to come up with three top looks this week, so, suffice it to say, Joshua’s look is not my absolute favorite. However, I do think there’s some good stuff going on here. All his different patterns were quite interesting – to me, they seemed like they should not work together, but somehow the way he put this garment together, they did.

My Bottom Three:

  • Emilio: I hated this look – the print and color scheme were way too aggressive. I could tell Emilio’s pieces were well-made, but I simply could not get past the in-your-face coloring. It was just too much for me, so naturally the judges named Emilio the winner.
  • Suede: This garment looked very crafty and amateurish, as though there were a bunch of yellow circles slapped all over it for no good reason at all (which is quite possibly the case). I also hated the bottom of Suede’s dress – there was way too much fabric, and the construction of it looked so cheap.
  • Laura: It’s possible that I found Laura’s look even more atrocious than I otherwise would have because her personality has become so off-putting, but I really was not a fan of this piece. The mixture of purple and yellow paint became a little drab and gray looking, and the hemline (as Laura herself acknowledged) was way too short. But what bothered me the most about the dress was the back – those pieces of black fringe hanging off were just tacky.

Bitchy Lines of the Night:

  • “I’m painting my canvas purple, yellow, and black, and I notice that Althea is using purple and yellow, because they look so great together. Oh, hey, Althea honey – you need to get your own ideas.” (Ugh, Laura Kathleen has turned into a full-on beast this season. Also, Laura – I’m pretty sure you’re not the first person in history to pair yellow and purple together).
  • “Now, I’m thinking of my fine line in fashion: is it hideous? Is it fabulous?” (Joanna to Kayne. Let’s all take a wild guess about which side of the line she thought Kayne’s garment fell on).
  • “But is he a seamstress or a designer?” (One of the guest judges on Kayne, which, if you’ve followed this show throughout the years, you probably know is one of the worst criticisms the judges can give).

Random Bits + Pieces:

  • The show insisted on using the term “aerosol art” repeatedly. I’m sorry, but can we just call it graffiti?
  • Kayne summed up the awfulness of Laura Kathleen perfectly when he said, “I’m hearing that Laura Kathleen has offended everyone. She’s on everyone’s last gay nerve.” I agree. I mean, when did Laura become such a seemingly terrible human being? I’m ready for her to go.
  • Andrae’s glasses this episode were very Harry Potter circa The Sorcerer’s Stone, were they not? Love it.
  • Speaking of Andrae – someone needs to forcibly remove the tulle from his hands. He uses it every week, and every week I come to the conclusion that it’s not adding anything to his look.
  • This week’s judges? Jeffrey Costello and Robert Tagliapietra, two designers who were dressed like lumberjacks and are apparently favorites of Anna Wintour’s. I had never heard of them before, but they delivered thoughtful and helpful critiques.

The Results: The judges named Emilio this week’s winner (Whaaaa? Anthony Ryan was robbed). Mercifully for PR fans across the universe, the judges eliminated Suede, thus sparing us of further weeks of listening to Suede talk about himself in the third person.

What did you think of this week’s Project Runway All-Stars? Do any of the designers have a future in “aerosol art”? Were you sad to see Suede go?

(All photos via Lifetime)

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