New Fall Television: What Are You Watching?

For the last few years, I’ve tried to avoid watching new TV shows when the fall rolled around. For awhile, it was because I was traveling constantly for work and was never home to watch television anyway. Last fall, it was because it was 1L year and I needed to study a lot. This year? I still need to study a lot, but something crucial has changed in my life: I got a DVR.

I know, I know. Welcome to 2004, Laura. Still, this magical little device has kind of revolutionized my TV watching habits. And by “revolutionized,” I clearly mean, “encouraged me to watch more TV.” Like, a lot more TV, if we’re being honest here.

To that end, I now have three brand new shows that I’m semi-obsessed with. In my opinion, these are the best new shows of the fall season. DVR or not, you should be watching them.

Call the Midwife

This is my favorite show to come around in a long time. I’ve heard a lot of people compare it to Downton Abbey, which I don’t understand. Yeah, it’s on PBS, and yeah, it’s historical, but the similarities stop there. I love me some Downton Abbey (and I’m mildly obsessed with some Downton Abbey), but I think this show is better. There. I said it.

Why is it so great? First, it’s beautifully shot and impeccably styled – it portrays 1950s London to a tee. Second, the actresses who play the midwives are all excellent (my particular favorite is Miranda Hart, who plays Chummy. She’s hilarious). Third, and most importantly, it tells wonderful stories. The show follows midwives as they work with patients in London’s East End. Each week there are a few new patients, and their stories are always gripping, unexpected, and so moving. Seriously, I have cried (or at least welled up) at every single episode.


Nashville follows dueling country superstars, one at the beginning of her career (Hayden Panettiere) and the other seemingly nearing the end (Connie Britton). The show is a lot like a soap opera, but it’s elevated from your typical soap opera with snappy dialogue, great actors, and intriguing storylines. There is a ton of stuff going on here – love triangles, family secrets, musical numbers, political intrigue, and commentaries on modern celebrity – but the show juggles it all really well.

The Mindy Project

I love Mindy Kaling, so I would have made it a point to watch this show, DVR magic or not. I will admit that The Mindy Project has not been quite as funny as I had hoped it would be, but I like it and am willing to give it time (I thought New Girl started similarly slow last fall, and it became a great show once it found its groove).

What do I like about the show? Chris Messina (he’s just the best, in everything, ever), the pop culture references, the crazy delusional confidence that the character of Mindy has (“It’s so weird being my own role model”), and the fact that we all know Mindy and Danny are totally meant to be.

What are you watching this fall?

(Images sources: Call the Midwife, Nashville, and The Mindy Project)

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