Pork Ramen

In my entire college career, I don’t think I ever made ramen noodles even once. That’s not to say that my roommate and I didn’t eat any terrible college-era foods; during freshmen year, we consumed our fair share of Bagel Bites and microwavable egg rolls from the Blue Apple (the phrase “Blue Apple” will mean almost nothing to you if you didn’t happen to attend Michigan and live in Bursley. If you did do those things, then I hope you get it).

All this is to say that I associate the words “ramen noodles” with cheap, terrible meals that poor college students are forced to subside on. However…this recipe (via Big Girls, Small Kitchen) will change your perceptions. This soup is insanely flavorful and so colorful – not only was it delicious, it was also pretty just to look at, which is probably something that only a person who blogs would get excited about. In any case, it’s a keeper.

(Recipe via Big Girls Small Kitchen)

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