November in Instagrams

A look back at November 2012 through the lens of my iPhone:

november 2012

  • Row 1: How I spend my flight delays, the Madison capitol building at night, and the beginnings of pumpkin lasagna
  • Row 2: Georgetown on a rainy day, the finished pumpkin lasagna, and my little puppy
  • Row 3: Thanksgiving dinner, the first snow of the season, and my Election Day sticker
  • Row 4: Beautiful mums at the Ford School, my aunt’s pumpkin pie, and the Spirit of Detroit
  • Row 5: Twinkie hoarding hits Ann Arbor, dinner with friends at Grange Kitchen, and watching my home state go for President Obama (yay!)
  • Row 6: The law library and a delicious treat from Trader Joe’s
  • Row 7: My regular meal at DTW and trying Shake Shack in NYC
  • Row 8: Nickels Arcade, looking out onto the rooftops of Georgetown, and browsing the selection at DC Cupcakes
  • Row 9: Cupcakes from DC Cupcakes, lunch at French restaurant in Georgetown, and me with my sister on Thanksgiving
  • Row 10: Homemade pork ramen, school spirit on the Potbelly’s stairs, and Michigan Pop Tarts (which I was so tempted to buy)

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