Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 53

george michael falls downThe above GIF perfectly illustrates how I feel about the finals studying that I’m currently in the midst of, which is to say – decidedly not awesome. This list, however, is the perfect antidote to all that:

  1. I love year-end lists and recaps, and this one is pretty epic: Pop Danthology 2012.
  2. Another great year-in-review: The 27 Most Perfectly Timed Photos of the Year.
  3. And yet another year-in-review: Zeitgeist 2012. Dammit, Google. You always make me cry.
  4. I’m just going to continue talking about Les Mis repeatedly until I get to see the movie, okay? On that note, I love this article. And yes, I am totally on Team Eponine. Is this even a question?
  5. More Les Mis (can’t stop, won’t stop): The Les Mis advent calendar. You absolutely must click on each day; there are some real gems (like this – dying!).
  6. Some of these are pretty funny: Thanks, Textbooks.
  7. This tumblr is making my life at the moment: Your LL Bean Boyfriend.
  8. I’m a big Amazing Race fan, and I have to say that this year’s race had perhaps the most shocking finish I’ve ever seen – a true underdog team won. This blog post from the Beekman Boys makes me love their win even more (though, of course, the Chippendales will always have my heart).
  9. This photo of the Downton Abbey cast in NYC is amazing. Please also see #2 and #6 on the accompanying list. And on a related note, this Downton Abbey/Breaking Bad mashup is brilliant. Best line? “As Byron once said: mo money, mo quandaries.”
  10. And finally, this week it was announced that there are going to be even MORE episodes of Arrested Development than originally planned. Can’t argue with that.

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