December in Instagrams

Happy New Year! Before we get started on 2013, here’s a look back at the last month of 2012…through the lens of my iPhone:

december 2012

  • Row 1: A festive cupcake delivery, studying for finance, and lunch at Zingerman’s
  • Row 2: The lovely Law School, Christmas decorations at Nickels Arcade, and hot cocoa on my first night back at home
  • Row 3: A rainy day in downtown Oxford, Baxter in the snow, and puppy snuggles
  • Row 4: Bring Starbucks back into my life, making mushroom turnover apps, and a very beige-clothing-filled Christmas morning
  • Row 5: Making gingerbread bites, finally seeing Les Mis, and our beautiful dessert table
  • Row 6: Family gingerbread house making, the Christmas lights in downtown Rochester, and dinner at Mitchell’s Fish Market
  • Row 7: Family card games, new sparkly shoes for the holiday seasons, and my NYE dessert
  • Row 8: Bits and pieces of the baking extravaganza

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