Crepes Suzette


Last weekend, in anticipation of the Downton Abbey premiere, my family marathon watched the show’s first two seasons (yep, I’m still on break from school). As we watched, we came upon an episode in Season 2 where Mrs. Pattmore makes Crepes Suzette for the family. For some reason, this intrigued me, and I asked if anyone knew what exactly Crepes Suzette were. Nobody did. So I looked them up, and I found this recipe (via The Food Network and Alton Brown) and knew I had to try them. We ended up making our crepes on Sunday night, just in time to eat them while we watched Downton’s Season 3 premiere.

Crepes Suzette are soaked in and topped with a sauce of butter, sugar, and orange liquer and are amazing. The batter is a breeze to make, and the main difficulty comes in the flipping of the crepe. Naturally, that meant that I made the batter and, as with all tricky cooking challenges, gave the crepe-flipping part of the process to my dad, who did a pretty sweet job.

We followed the linked recipe with two minor modifications. First, I sprinkled some orange zest over the top, mostly to make the plate look prettier. Second, we cut the amount of butter in the sauce in half; though two sticks are pictured below, we ended up putting one back because it just seemed like way too much. Even with the butter halved, the sauce is still really rich, making the crepes a dessert best suited to occasions when you want to splurge. Other than those two things, follow the recipe and you will be golden.




(Recipe via Food Network)

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