Golden Globes 2013: Fashion Recap

Recently, I’ve found awards shows themselves fairly awful (bad hosts, cringe-worthy jokes, terrible acceptance speeches). In those instances, the red carpet has been the most interesting part of the night for me. However, this year’s Golden Globes reversed that trend – with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler as hosts and awesome acceptance speeches from people like Jennifer Lawrence and Adele, the Globes themselves were pretty entertaining this year. The red carpet, however? Not so great. I was bored by almost every look, and even the looks I loved weren’t as wow-worthy as dresses from years past. That said, I’m still going to talk about the fashions anyway. Obviously.

Best Dressed:

best - watts, moore, dockery

  • Naomi Watts: I love this color on Watts – the deep red was just gorgeous. The cut of the dress (which you can’t see that well from this photo) was also really nice, and I liked her hair a lot – it had an old school, 1920s vibe that seemed to be on trend last night.
  • Julianne Moore: You can always count on Moore to wear something striking on the red carpet, and this was no exception. You might hear “black and white dress” and think “boring!,” but the way the white stripe was incorporated into the dress and the cut of the shoulders made this so visually interesting. I think Moore takes the overall best dressed crown.
  • Michelle Dockery: I can’t think of one thing Dockery has ever worn on the red carpet that I liked so, most of all, I’m just relieved to see her in something fabulous…finally. This look is risky and unique, but it paid off. Great hair, too.

Honorable Mention:

honorable mention - mcphee, field, poehler

  • Katherine McPhee: I don’t know much about McPhee, but my impression was that she had sort of a wholesome persona, so I liked seeing her play against type with this daring dress. Also, her hair and makeup were styled perfectly to complement the look.
  • Sally Field: I love that Sally Field shows up, looking fantastic, and really shows some of these younger, misguided actresses how it’s done. Navy is the perfect color for her, and this dress is classy but not stuffy. Her hair is a bit messy though.
  • Amy Poehler: On a night where nearly everyone bored me, I was mostly excited to see something unique come down the red carpet, and this is nothing if not unique. This fit well and looked sharp – plus, I liked her side swept hair and cool necklace.

Worst Dressed:

worst - chastain, weisz miller

  • Jessica Chastain: Chastain is so hit-or-miss on the Red Carpet; it seems like she either kills it or is a total train wreck. And, sad to say, it was the latter here. I wasn’t a fan of this dress’s color, but it was the fit that I really found atrocious. Her hairstyle was also a bit scary. Good to see her win, though – she deserved it.
  • Rachel Weisz: When I first saw Weisz on TV, I only saw her top half, and I thought this might be a winner – it looked like a classic dress, and her hair is beautiful. Then the camera panned down and…yikes. The sheer polka dot overlay is downright tacky. Still, you can’t feel too bad for Weisz – she gets to go home with Daniel Craig, which pretty much makes her the biggest winner of all.
  • Sienna Miller: People always claim that Miller is some sort of brilliant fashionista but, honestly, how many great red carpet moments has she had? I can’t think of any, and she certainly didn’t have one tonight; I hated that this was two pieces and the floral bits looked tacky and cheap, as though a kindergartner had glued them atop the dress as a craft project.

Other Fashion Awards of Note:

washington, deschanel, adams

  • The “Girl, Where’s Your Train?” Award: I loved almost everything about Kerry Washington‘s dress – except for the length. It would have been even more striking if it had a nice, dramatic train. Still, this is a solid look – and Washington looks great with bangs.
  • Most Expected: Big puffy princess skirt. Precious nails. Retro-ish hairstyle. We’ve seen it before from Zooey Deschanel, but it still looked good, despite its predictability.
  • Worst Color Choice: The silhouette of Amy Adams‘s dress is beautiful (if a bit too tight), but I loathe the color – it matches her skin almost perfectly, and I just don’t think that’s a flattering situation for anyone. If this had been a bold – or, hell, any – color, this probably would have been a best dressed for me.

danes, adele, lawrence

  • Best Post-Baby Rebound: You guys, Claire Danes had a baby a month ago. I repeat: one month ago. She looks fantastic. This dress is simple (which is no surprise coming from her), but she looks wonderful.
  • Second Best Post-Baby Rebound: Adele also had a baby recently and also looks fantastic. This was a pretty basic black gown, but the collar added some interest. I also loved her updo. Plus, she high-fived Daniel Craig after she won her award, which was adorable. Unrelated to how she looked on the red carpet, but adorable nonetheless.
  • Most Awkward Bust: I almost loved Jennifer Lawrence‘s look, but I just can’t handle what was going on with the top half. The pointy bra top was almost reminiscent of Madonna, which is never a good thing.

dunham, hough, bacarin

  • Best Glamming Up: The red carpet doesn’t seem to be Lena Dunham‘s natural habitat, but she cleaned up really nicely last night. Her gown was simple (verging on boring), but the rich brown color and the pleating work added just enough pizzazz. It was also great to see her win two awards, and her onstage shout out to Chad Lowe was one of my favorite jokes.
  • Tackiest: I’m sorry, Julianne Hough – you seem like a nice person, but from the awful hairstyle to the crazy, gold-bedazzled, overly-tulled ball gown, this look was just wrong.
  • Most Funereal: There was so much dark material here that it looked like Morena Baccarin was preparing to attend a very fancy funeral. I also think that this look – particularly the sheer material covering her arms – is much too old for her.

hathaway, zeta jones, lopez

  • The “Nice Dress, but I’m Already Sick of You” Award: First, I have to get this off my chest: my Anne Hathaway annoyance was temporarily put on hold after I saw Les Mis and realized she really was that good, but it’s now back in full force – something about her just screams “insincere” to me. When she acted so shocked to win last night, I just thought, “come on! We all KNEW you were going to win.” However, I will have to come to terms with her, because I know she will be popping up on every red carpet for the next few weeks. Speaking of which, her dress. My verdict: fine. It was good, but not great. Beautiful, but not very dramatic or special. Try harder for the Oscars, Annie.
  • Best Retro Glamour: There seemed to be a lot of Downton Abbey-inspired creations on the red carpet last night, but Catherine Zeta-Jones just might have had my favorite one of all. Someone like her is just born to exude old Hollywood glamour, and last night was no exception. The dress was gorgeous; I especially loved the beautiful beading.
  • Most Attention-Seeking: I know this is going to sound harsh, but…please go away, Jennifer Lopez. You weren’t nominated for anything and, let’s be real, you’re barely relevant as an actress anymore. Something about this attention-seeking number just grated on me; why not let the actual nominees shine on the red carpet? Not everything has to be about you.

hayek, hudson, longoria

  • Best Little Black Dress: Does Salma Hayek age? I’m beginning to think not. She looked great, and this dress was a good choice for her. Sure, it’s simple, but I think on someone like her, it’s enough to make an impact.
  • Split Decision: At first, I really disliked Kate Hudson‘s dress – the gold collar, in particular, threw me off. However, upon further consideration, this look is actually growing on me. She looks pretty chic, and I like the black and gold combo. But, I do think her hair should have been pulled back – it’s fighting with that collar for attention. All in all, I’m torn between loving and hating this look.
  • Most Outrageous Slit: There were a couple dresses with crazy high slits last night, but I think Eva Longoria‘s takes the cake and, overall, I was not a fan of her look. Honey, Angelina Jolie you are not.

If you watched the Golden Globes, what did you think? Who wore your favorite looks?

(Images via People and Entertainment Weekly)

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