27 for 27

My 26 for 26 list was an epic failure. Such a failure that I won’t link to it here out of shame (though you can find it if you’re enterprising enough). Such a failure that I scrapped my planned recap post (also out of shame). Just such a failure all around.

You would think that this would deter me from writing a 27 for 27 list, but it has not. Perhaps I’m a hopeless optimist, or a persistent masochist, or just plain delusional, but I still think I can make one of these lists work. And so I’m going to try again, and hopefully get it right this time around.

For my 27th year, I tried to make my list more manageable. It’s still a challenge (because otherwise, what would be the point?), but it’s a more do-able challenge, grounded in the reality that law school takes up a lot of time and makes some of my more optimistic life plans currently unachievable. This year’s list is also more thoughtful than last’s; I spent a fair amount of time considering (and re-considering) what exactly I wanted to include. The result is a list that, in my humble opinion, is just all-around better than last year’s. So here’s to new goals and making these things happen before I turned 28:

  1. Take a cooking class
  2. Create a Blurb photo book with some of my Instagram photos
  3. Mail at least one card (or postcard) per month
  4. Read 27 new-to-me books
  5. Do Project Life
  6. Learn to knit
  7. Walk at 10,000 steps per day and track it on my FitBit
  8. Visit a cider mill in the fall
  9. Visit grandma’s grave on Mackinac Island
  10. Take fall photos around campus in Ann Arbor
  11. Go to an outdoor movie this summer in NYC
  12. See a riverdancing show in Ireland
  13. Walk the Highline in NYC
  14. Make spaghetti alla gricia
  15. Cold brew my own coffee
  16. Eat at Union Woodshop in Clarkston
  17. Go to a Tiger’s game
  18. Try 3 DIY beauty masks/home remedies
  19. Eat at Ottolenghi in London
  20. Come up with a better (non-Pinterest) way to organize the million recipes I have bookmarked
  21. Make paella
  22. Visit the DIA
  23. See The Book of Mormon on Broadway
  24. Go to a Michigan hockey game
  25. Make pizza dough from scratch
  26. Watch the Godfather trilogy
  27. Blog this list, including quarterly progress checks

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