A2 Restaurant Week at Vinology


It has been forever (okay, a few months) since I have posted anything Ann Arbor-related. Believe it or not, I think I’ve gotten a little burned out on photo-taking, so even though I have been going to plenty of awesome Ann Arbor restaurants, I haven’t been documenting them so well. In an effort to remedy that situation and pull me out of my A2-blogging slump, I’ve got a couple Ann Arbor dining posts coming up in the next few weeks. First up, restaurant week at Vinology!

One thing I think is really cool about Ann Arbor is that, for a small-ish town, it has a pretty wide array of culinary options. But one thing I don’t like about Ann Arbor is that some of those options seem a tad overpriced. Face it: this isn’t New York or London. Let’s calm down with some of those prices, Main Street dining establishments. And that’s why I think restaurant week is pretty fun: you get a nice selection of food, but at a somewhat lower price than normal. And this dinner at Vinology was a very nice deal.

For my starter, I ordered spring rolls – they were delicious. The thing is, spring rolls are a pretty standard dish; it’s hard to get too excited about them, in general. However, I thought these were actually much tastier than your typical spring roll – plus, their presentation was cool and the vegetable slaw they were served atop was really tasty. If I were a judge on Top Chef, I’d compliment Vinology on “elevating” this standard dish.

vinology - app

For my main course, I chose chicken and waffles – I just could not resist. The greens that came with this dish were really tasty, and the herbed pecan waffle was delicious. Two thumbs up for this dish as well!

vinology - main

For dessert, I chose the chocolate silk tartlet – this was also very good. My one complaint was that the tartlet’s shell was quite hard; as I was cutting into it, I had a vision of myself accidentally flinging the entire thing off the table, which would be a very “me” thing to do. Luckily, I did not.

vinology - dessert

And that was my Restaurant Week meal at Vinology. For all you Ann Arborians (Ann Arborites?) out there, where did you go for Restaurant Week?

One thought on “A2 Restaurant Week at Vinology

  1. Hitting up Ravens tonight and after looking at ur pics – ESP the chicken and waffle – am thinking we r going to wrong place. Friend made reservation and it sounds like new chef is considerable improvement. Will see.

    I took have been lazy with a2 restaurant posts. Did a few to catch up but have many many more.

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