Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 58

obamasThe weekly roundup of internet wonderfulness:

  1. This article is totally on point (trust a fake news source to get it right): Internet Users Demand Less Interactivity.
  2. In honor of the inauguration, let’s celebrate with amazing GIFs of FLOTUS and the girls. I love the Obamas.
  3. And more Michelle Obama: The 38 Greatest Michelle Obama Facial Expressions. She could not be any more awesome.
  4. This is adorable: Superhero Window Washer Cheers up Children at Hospital.
  5. Bridget Jones’s Diary will always hold a special place in my heart so, naturally, I enjoyed this.
  6. The Aussie Open is wrapping up this weekend, and this article about Serena Williams and Sloane Stephens is so on point. Nailed it.
  7. So clever: The names of Paris Metro stations, taken literally.
  8. I’m sure this is fake, but…it’s amazing anyway: Prince Harry Runs for Ice Cream. Adore him.
  9. Here’s what happens when you have a huge fire in the freezing cold: these photos are incredible.
  10. After my initial ambivalence about Mad Men, I got totally into the show sometime around seasons 4 and 5. Naturally, then, these promo shots make me super excited. April, please get here soon!

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