Red Carpet: SAG Awards 2013

The SAG Awards are a funny little awards show: they’re televised, but not on a major network; they’re prestigious, but not on the same level as the Oscars. You almost get the sense that the actresses are sort of waiting until the Oscars to break out their big “statement” gowns. As such, the fashions last night were pretty low key – not that that would ever prevent me from talking about them. Of course.

Best Dressed:

best dressed

  • Naomi Watts: Simple but striking – I think the beading on the front is gorgeous, and I love her hair. Props to her for being my only repeat Best Dressed from the Globes (a very prestigious distinction, obviously).
  • Marion Cotillard: Leave it to everyone’s favorite French import to be one of the only women to make a daring fashion choice last night. I adore this look from head to toe; big bows are always a risky choice, but this one looks just right. I also love the fullness of her train, and her hair is straight up awesome.
  • Jennifer Garner: Seeing them side-by-side made me realize that Garner’s dress is basically the gold version of Naomi Watts’s. I suppose that means I could fault them both for being boring, but instead I’m going to argue that they’re equally awesome. Same comments as Watts: simple but stunning, great beading, lovely hair.

Honorable Mentionshonorable mentions

  • Amanda Seyfried: There were a lot of basic black and navy gowns on the red carpet last night; I was bored with most of them but not with Seyfried’s. I think it’s the train that saves her here, plus I love the funky necklace and the side-swept hair.
  • Viola Davis: She looks amazing in every color I’ve ever seen her wear, but I think this is a particularly good one for her. There’s nothing revelatory about the design of this gown – it’s your standard Grecian-inspired dress – but she’s making it work.
  • Tina Fey: The perfect combination of quirky meets intellectual meets retro glam. I love her belt – it adds just the right amount of visual interest to the gown.

Worst Dressed: worst dressed

  • Jane Lynch: Kicking of my trio of worst dressed nominees (who coincidentally all wore black) is Jane Lynch, wearing a gown with a very unfortunate top half. Are those metal studs dotting her gown? Ugh.
  • Sigourney Weaver: Another tragic top half: it looks like a black sheet is just pinned to the front of her body, making her appear completely flat and boxy. Just totally unflattering.
  • Julie Bowen: It’s baffling to me that someone as beautiful as Bowen consistently makes such odd fashion choices. Here, her violation is choosing a leather gown with funky shoulders – it just makes for a weird look.

Miscellaneous Fashion Awards of Note:

field, chastain, dockery

  • Best Color: As I mentioned, there was a flood of navy and black gowns at the SAGs last night, so it was nice to see such a gorgeous shade of purple on Sally Field. The dress itself is also quite beautiful; all awards season long, she’s done a fantastic job of dressing in a way that’s age appropriate but not matronly.
  • Best Matching Dress & Hair Combo: I loved the color of Jessica Chastain’s gown, and as I was looking at the photo, it suddenly dawned on me why: it complements her red hair so well. Overall, this look is a winner – but, is it me, or is her dress just a bit too tight?
  • Best Gothic Glamour: I don’t think the striking black gown and heavy dark makeup combo would work for everyone, but Michelle Dockery is pulling it off. However, is she flashing some side boob? How very un-Lady Mary of her.

jones, lawrence, hathaway

  • Best Risk-Taker: If there is one person who is consistently bold with her fashion choices, it’s January Jones. Sometimes it pays off and sometimes it doesn’t – and tonight, I think her look fell somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. The black strap around her neck is throwing me off here, and her hair is just a bit too much. But props to her for always experimenting with her look.
  • Most Boring: I’m not ever sure what to say about Jennifer Lawrence’s dress. She looks great, but in a very safe way. With that neckline, she needed more of a statement necklace, or something to give this look a little pizzazz. Really glad she won, though.
  • Most Disappointing: I’m still waiting for Anne Hathaway to have her knockout fashion moment this awards season; she disappointed me at the Globes and she disappointed me here too. I was annoyed by the sheer netting on top, but when I realized she was wearing a sheer overlay skirt too, this look became irredeemable. You better pull through at the Oscars, Annie.

kemper, shipka, pare

  • Most Unnecessary Bow: Remember a few paragraphs back when I said that, while Marion Cotillard’s looked nice, bows were a risky proposition? Well, Ellie Kemper illustrates why: her side bow distracts from what is otherwise a perfectly lovely gown.
  • Most Adorable: I love Kiernan Shipka – this gown is just too cute. She’s like Sally Field, but on the opposite end of the spectrum: someone who dresses appropriately for her age, while managing not to look too childish.
  • Best Retro Glam: Whenever I see Best Dressed lists after an award show, Jessica Pare is almost never on them; she seems to fly under the radar a bit. I love her, however – she seems to pull retro fashion inspiration from her own show, and that works for her.

michelle, byrne, cuoco

  • Most In Need of a Tanning Intervention: Dear Lea Michele, please lay off on the spray tanner – it’s not your friend. As for your dress: I like the color, but overall it’s a bit too plain.
  • Silliest Princess: I’m not sure what to make of Rose Byrne’s dress; it almost seems like a combination of a childish princess and a 1920s garden party attendee. Something about this gown just rubs me the wrong way. I also wish that the ruffles were only on top; the fact that they trail all the way down the dress is driving me crazy and seems like overkill.
  • Worst Hair: This is a perfectly passable dress, but Kaley Cuoco’s hair is just inexplicable – it manages both to look too puffy and too flat at the same time. And while I’m on board overall with the recent trend toward bangs (you get ’em, FLOTUS), I don’t thing bangs are Cuoco’s friend.

fischer, bledel, danes

  • Personal Best: I have never been a fan of Jenna Fischer’s red carpet choices (I think she tends to dress way too conservatively), but this is a real high point for her. She’s dressed modestly, but she doesn’t look frumpy, she looks sleek.
  • Most Disconcerting Couple: Rory Gilmore is dating Pete Campbell in real life?!? I can barely get over this fact, but I will say that I liked Alexis Bledel’s dress – it’s a good color choice for her. Also, Kaley Cuoco, take note: this is how bangs are done.
  • Worst Makeup: I’m ambivalent about Claire Danes’s dress, but the makeup she’s sporting is just plain wrong. More specifically, her lips resemble the color of Kate Winslet’s after she spent hours floating in icy waters (and hogging that damn door) after the Titanic sank.

Did you watch the SAG Awards? And if you did, who wore your favorite looks?

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