Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 59

les mean girlsThe weekly-ish roundup of internet wonderfulness:

  1. Women Will Buy Basically Anything Related to Jane Austen. That is true, and I am one of those women. Not ashamed.
  2. I can’t stop laughing about this picture. Poor guy!
  3. This sums up how all ’90s nostalgia makes me feel: Hey ’90s Kid, You’re Old.
  4. Speaking of which, this Microsoft ad also taps into that ’90s nostalgia. My favorite line? “Lunch was a puzzle, not a picture.”
  5. Let’s be honest: I love Puppy Bowl a lot more than I love the Super Bowl.
  6. Sheer brilliance: Les Mean Girls.
  7. If you watch New Girl (which you should), you’ve probably seen the gang play True American. Now you can too: find the rules here and here.
  8. Speaking of New Girl, I hope you watched last week’s episode. That kiss was epic. Speaking of which: Crush of the Week: Nick Miller.
  9. Favorite moment of the Super Bowl? J Hud and the Sandy Hook kids. You’re not supposed to cry at the Super Bowl but dammit I did.
  10. Second favorite moment of the Super Bowl? Jay-Z and Beyonce hugging. I can’t even.

(Image via Les Mean Girls)

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