Chocolate Raspberry Birthday Cake


This post is something of a first for me, in that it’s the first time I’m posting about a homemade baked good…not baked by me. However, this cake was just too good not to share (and who makes their own birthday cake, anyway?). And so I present it, in all of its chocolatey goodness and glory, despite the fact that my birthday was almost a month ago. Better late than never, I say.

I am, hands down, a chocolate cake gal (it seems that most of my family and friends prefer vanilla cake. Who are these people?!). Anyway, that meant that in my search for the perfect birthday cake, I considered chocolate cakes almost exclusively. Ultimately, I went with this recipe I found on Champagne Bubbles (the cake is originally from Ina Garten and the frosting is Magnolia buttercream). And let me tell you: it is so good – super sweet, super delicious, and very rich. The perfect birthday cake in my book.






My dog thought the cake looked delicious too, and stared at it the entire time it was on the table. Poor pup!


In conclusion: please make this cake. The end.


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