Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 60

j lawThe weekly roundup of fantastic internet finds:

  1. J. Law is awesome and we should all bow down to her. Seriously, coolest celebrity ever?
  2. These are so wonderful: Extremely Rare Color Photographs of Early 1900s Paris.
  3. And these are so clever: Minimalist Pictogram Summaries of Pop Culture and Historical Events.
  4. My favorite is Steve Martin’s: The Business Cards of 20 Famous People.
  5. The Year of Less. This really resonated with me (minus the “less travel” part – I’m actually hoping for more of that one).
  6. The longest game of tag ever. I love that that they have a Participant Agreement.
  7. As a longtime fan of Sex and the City and a more recent convert to the cult of Homeland, I love this article: Are You a Carrie or a Carrie?
  8. Kind of excited to read the new Bridget Jones’ Diary (let’s hope it’s as good as the first and much better than the second).
  9. If you watched the Super Bowl halftime show, I’m sure you’ll agree: The World Needs Michelle.
  10. Does anyone else feel like, recently, Hillary Clinton has become kind of badass? I don’t know; I think she’s having a moment. I love this compilation of her in every country she visited as Secretary of State. I hope she’s somewhere napping right now, because that is a lot of travel.

(Image via Buzzfeed)

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