Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 61

arrested development

The weekly roundup of all I deem awesome on the interwebs:

  1. I’m not a hipster but I do take pictures of my food, so I find this hilarious: Pictures of Hipsters Taking Pictures of Food.
  2. I thought the whole Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl” thing was played out, but then I saw “Hey Girl, Detroit” and figured it might have some life left in it still.
  3. These Arrested Development Valentines, created by Marisa Seguin, are making my life right now. So fantastic!
  4. The Alumni Association made this cool video of a snowy day on campus. Man, I love this place.
  5. These book sculptures are so cool. Sometimes the creativity of other people makes me feel bad about myself.
  6. This is my new favorite Etsy shop. If anyone wants to buy me the Chandler Bing notebook…
  7. I had no clue who Aaron Tveit was before seeing Les Mis, but I sure do now – he was so damn good in that movie. Thus, I wholeheartedly endorse his nomination as Crush of the Week.
  8. The Disney Prince Hotness Ranking. But we all know Number 2 should really be Number 1, am I right?!?
  9. This is so cute I can’t even handle it: Japanese Boy and His French Bulldog Are the World’s Cutest Friends Ever.
  10. The Jeopardy! Teen Tournament Just. Got. Real. I wish I had watched this. Leonard!

(Image via Marisa Seguin)

5 thoughts on “Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 61

  1. Happy to hear you like my Chandler notebook! And I like your blog. The ‘pohtpof’ are hilarious, although I have to admit that I sometimes take pictures of my food as well….

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