Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins


Have you ever noticed that you can’t purchase a normal-sized muffin? How, if you’re at a bakery or a Starbucks, and you want to buy a muffin, you end up with a muffin roughly the size of your head that, while delicious, also has approximately 1728.45 calories (give or take)? I was thinking of this as I made these lovely and appropriate-sized muffins, and when they turned out deliciously, I decided: I’m never buying muffins somewhere again, not when I can make something so tasty as these at home.

For these lemon poppy seed muffins, I used a Food Network recipe for the muffin and a Picky Cook recipe for the glaze. I pretty much followed both recipes exactly and the muffins turned out perfectly, in my humble opinion. Even the baking time (25 minutes), which I’ve noticed is pretty hit or miss with recipes due to the variability of ovens, was spot on. These came out a perfect golden brown, and they tasted wonderful too – they’re definitely one of my new go-to recipes.






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