Lunch at Lena

I had dinner at Lena last fall and I must admit…I was not that impressed. The food was fine but, in my opinion, pretty overpriced for what you got. In fact, the most impressive thing to me about the restaurant was the space itself; it’s amazing how transformed it is from its days as a rundown Greek restaurant. Lena looks very cool and modern – I love the ambiance there.

Despite my lackluster first experience, I decided to give Lena another try, this time for lunch. I enjoyed my culinary experience much more this time around. My working hypothesis is that, since Lena is a new-ish restaurant here in Ann Arbor, perhaps it just needed a little time to come into its own. Plus, if I’m being honest – I found the prices more reasonable at lunch, which always makes the food taste a tiny bit better, right?

I started with a side Fresh Market Salad. This was the least special part of my meal – it was pretty much your standard salad. The dried cherries were tasty, though:


We got Plantain Tostones for an appetizer – and while these don’t look that pretty, they were fantastic. I’d definitely order these again:


For my entree, I got the Fish Tacos, which were delicious. I tend to order fish tacos whenever they’re an option on a menu, and these didn’t disappoint:


This lobster salad sandwich wasn’t my entree, but doesn’t it look tasty? I had major entree envy:


So, Lena, you have redeemed yourself in my eyes – and I will probably be back soon.

The Details: Lena | 226 S Main St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | 734.994.2773

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