Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 62

happy endingsThe weekly roundup of awesomeness from the internets:

  1. One of my favorite Buzzfeed compilations ever: 13 Moments When Betty Draper Didn’t Give a F&$k. Number 3 is possibly my favorite Mad Men moment of all time.
  2. Such a cool illustration: Mapping American Writers.
  3. These are awesome: Rare Photographs of the Women Workers of WWII.
  4. I’ve been asking myself this same question: Why Is The Office Screwing with Jim and Pam?
  5. I know it’s probably way too soon and plus there’s the whole “innocent until proven guilty” thing, but…The Onion’s Tips for Not Accidentally Murdering Your Girlfriend.
  6. Kristen Wiig is going to be on Arrested Development. I can’t even process this information. Too good.
  7. Valograms day is the best day of the year at law school.
  8. 36 Reasons Happy Endings Is the Best Show on TV. I wish more people watched this show. If you’re reading this, that includes you.
  9. So good: The Oscar Best Picture Nominees As Pie Charts. Who else is pumped for the Oscars this Sunday?!
  10. You know who else is pumped? Anne Hathaway. I’m already annoyed by the weepy acceptance speech she’s surely going to deliver (complete with overdrawn pronunciation of Les Miserables). So let’s all watch this and mock her.

(Image via Buzzfeed)

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