Dinner at Slow’s and Cocktails at Sugar House


A couple weeks back, some friends from college were in Michigan for a visit. And, since it’s apparently becoming a yearly tradition for us to visit Detroit (see last year’s adventures here), we headed into the city for a day full of awesomeness.

After visiting the DIA (more on that in a later post), my friends and I headed to Slow’s Bar-B-Q for dinner. Recently, it seems like Slow’s is the only Detroit restaurant I ever hear about (it’s definitely having a moment), so I knew I wanted to check it out. Apparently, however, lots of other people share this notion – and since Slow’s doesn’t take reservations, that meant a loooong waiting time. We also visited on a busy Saturday night, which probably was not helping our cause.

Luckily for us, Slow’s happens to be located next to an awesome bar, The Sugar House, where we headed to pass the time. Sugar House has a cool, retro atmosphere and features a large selection of classic (and not-so-classic) cocktails. I had the Roosevelt Park Swizzle, made with rum, Cointreau, strawberry syrup, and lime – so tasty! While we had our drinks, we played a very long game of Turtle Master, which was previously unknown to me, and which sounds like a really stupid game when you first hear about it, but actually turns out to be kind of fun. And, if nothing else, it’s a solid way to kill an hour and a half.

sugar house 1

sugar house 2

After our allotted waiting time was up, we headed back to Slow’s, but it turned out we were still in line for another half hour or so of waiting. We took this photograph in the super crowded waiting area, and I think we all look deceptively upbeat, considering we had been waiting forever, were now sandwiched between wall-to-wall people, and (most distressingly of all) kept seeing delicious plates of food go by that we could not eat:


Luckily, after about two hours or so, we were finally seated. One thing I will say about Slow’s is that, even though it’s a long wait to get a table, once you’ve got a table, you’re golden. We were floored by how fast our food arrived after we put our order in; seriously, it felt like mere minutes. Oh, and once our food arrived? It was pretty glorious.


I ordered the Chicken Strut (“Half Amish chicken, heavily seasoned and smoked low and slow, tender and juicy”) for my entree:


And for my sides, I got the macaroni and cheese:


And the cornbread:


It was all SO, so good (the macaroni and cheese, in particular, was the stuff dreams are made of). I have never seen my friends and I eat so fast – we were starving, the food was amazing, and we pretty much killed the meal in record time. But it was so worth it.

The Details:

Slow’s Bar-B-Q | 2138 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48026 | 313.962.9828

The Sugar House | 2130 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI 48026 | 313.962.0123

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