Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 65

on wednesdays we wear pinkThe weekly collection of internet stuff I love:

  1. This is how I feel every time I look at Facebook: Obnoxious Friend Won’t Stop Attaining Major Life Milestones.
  2. 40 Mean Girls Quotes That Make Everyday Life Worth Living. I love this, and I also just realized that I don’t own Mean Girls on DVD. Egregious error on my part, I know.
  3. Bleeding maize and blue, always: The 35 Ways You Know You’re a Michigan Wolverine.
  4. Every few years or so, I start to feel overwhelmed by all the clutter in my life and feel compelled to get rid of stuff. I’m feeling that way at the moment, so naturally I love this article: “Living With Less. A Lot Less.”
  5. 16 Reasons Everyone Loves Connie Britton. Number 16, y’all.
  6. The most memorable Friends quotes. There are almost too many to choose from, but I think my personal favorites are “Pivot!” and “Gum would be perfection.”
  7. Oh, to be this puppy: How to Hug a Puppy, by Tom Hardy.
  8. This is a real cool photo shoot: Photos of the Same Two Models Transformed Into Different Couples.
  9. The most random – yet awesome – Tumblr I’ve encountered in awhile: Ugly Renaissance Babies.
  10. On second thought, this might be the best Tumblr I’ve found lately: National Geographic Found. Some beautiful photography there.

(Image via Mean Girls GIFs)

2 thoughts on “Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 65

  1. We loooove Mean Girls. Wife and i are always saying the unicorns and the wide-set vagina lines. But the list is missing 2 lines we and our kids use daily at our house – “please stop talking” and ” stop trying to make (whatever word) happen, it’s never going to happen”.

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