Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 66

game of catsHere’s my weekly roundup of things that are awesome. Yay!

  1. Here are The Cutest 10 Questions You’ll Ever Get to Answer. They really are.
  2. This compilation was a literal LOL for me: 24 Texts You Don’t Want To Get From Your Parents. Most of them are hilarious, but for some reason #10 killed me.
  3. So interesting to think what might have been: here’s the original audition sheet for The Office. Adam Scott as Jim?
  4. Um, Martha Stewart was a model? Those pictures are unreal – you can’t even tell it’s her in a lot of them. Who knew?! Though, this does explain why she’s aging ridiculously well.
  5. Game of Cats. Totally on point.
  6. This video is nine seconds long but it’s nine of the best seconds you’ll spend today, guaranteed: Teaching Our Puppy How to Catch.
  7. What if guns in movies were replaced with thumbs ups? Thumbs and Ammo. Oddly fascinating.
  8. This is just about the only thing I’ve ever found endearing about George W. Bush: his paintings.
  9. I’ve never particularly cared about Olivia Wilde, but after seeing this clip of her explaining her Twitter war with Justin Bieber’s crazy fangirls, I’ve decided she’s awesome. So funny, in fact, that many of her jokes seemed to elude Jay Leno (who, BTW, can go away any time now).
  10. Paul Rudd, ageless wonder. This is seriously hilarious.
(Image via Tor Books Tumblr)

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