Walking the High Line

high line 1

Walking the High Line has been on my New York to-do list for the past few years but, despite visiting the city somewhat frequently to see friends and go on summer job interviews, I never made the trek until this most recent trip. And after walking the High Line for the first time, I can definitively say: I’ve been missing out.

The High Line is a public park, built atop an old elevated rail line on New York’s West Side. The path starts in the Meatpacking District and runs up to 30th Street (and will continue on to 34th Street when the next phase of development is complete). Though spring has been slow in arriving this year, we were lucky enough to be walking the High Line on a rare sunny day. It’s so cool to walk above the city streets and take in the view of different Manhattan neighborhoods all around you. The High Line itself is also very interesting, with lots of beautiful gardens, interesting sculptures, and plenty of seating options.

I’ll be working in New York this summer, and I know I’ll be back to the High Line at least once. And when I go next, I’ll make sure to bring my “real” camera with me. But for now, here’s a look at the High Line through the lens of my trusty iPhone:

high line 2

high line 3

high line 4

high line 5

high line 6

Say “hi” to my family, y’all:

high line 7

high line 8

(Walking the High Line was #13 on my 27 for 27 list)