Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 68

game of thrones mad men

The weekly roundup of internet finds:

  1. The next time you feel sad, just remember the joy exuded by the Happiest Penguin Ever.
  2. Yes, I am well aware this is a week late, but: 21 Vintage Easter Cards That Will Totally Creep You Out.
  3. I mean this in the non-stalker-iest way possible, but…who wants to come stalk Ryan Gosling’s film set with me? Anyone?
  4. I laughed so hard at this that I probably scared my neighbors: Family Feud Fails.
  5. This guy is ridiculously talented, and this video is spot-on: Disney After Ever After.
  6. I have literally been reading Roger Ebert’s movie reviews since I was a little girl (I used to read them every Friday in our local paper), so I was sad to hear of his death. I thought about linking to one of the many tribute articles that have sprung up for him, but in the end, I think his own words are the most poignant: I Do Not Fear Death.
  7. Yep, yep, yep: Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life. (Okay, full disclosure, I agree with everything this article says, but I will never stop Instagramming).
  8. A new Gatsby trailer, this time with a little Beyonce and Florence & the Machine thrown in for good measure. There is absolutely no way that this movie is going to live up to my insanely high expectations, but…doesn’t it look incredible?
  9. Brilliant illustrations: See Game of Thrones Reimagined As Mad Men, Seinfeld, and Arrested Development.
  10. Too cute: little Kirsten Dunst and “Joey” Gordon-Levitt on Celebrity Jeopardy. Aww!

(Image via Vulture)

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