On School Spirit, March Madness, and How It’s Always Great to Be a Michigan Wolverine

weonDespite the fact that…

  • I’ve never been a huge basketball fan…
  • I harbor a distaste for this season’s slogan, “We on” (seriously, guys, that’s the best we could come up with?)…
  • I find the obnoxiously bright yellow sneakers our players wear utterly ridiculous…
  • I not-so-secretly believe that in basketball, it’s basically just a lot of meaningless running back and forth until the final minute…

Despite all of these things, I am 100%, totally, crazily, completely obsessed with Michigan’s run to the NCAA Championship game.

It’s hard not to be, when you’re a Wolverine times two (undergrad and now law school). It’s hard not to be when you watch Trey Burke sink a three-pointer against Kansas and are torn between insane happiness, an urge to weep openly, and feeling like you might faint. It’s hard not to be when you’re living in Ann Arbor and, after the semifinal game ended on Saturday, you literally heard the streets erupt around you, with chanting and cheering that went on for hours. It’s hard not to be when your newsfeeds on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are filled to the brim with “Go Blue” and “Hail” and a million other variations.

Everyone loves their school, of this I am certain. But I submit to you that there’s something special about this place, that perhaps we have a little more fervor than most. One of my friend’s boyfriends once expressed surprise that she owned so much maize and blue clothing; she in turn just shrugged – we all own this much maize and blue clothing. I’ve had strangers yell “Go Blue!” at me everywhere, from the streets of Chicago to the winding pathways of Cinque Terre, Italy. And when someone says they “bleed maize and blue,” I don’t think of it as hyperbole – but rather, a completely normal way of life around here.

When I watched us beat Kansas in the Sweet 16, it felt like something magical had started. And when I watched us beat Syracuse, I felt proud – not just of the team, but to be a part of the whole thing. To be one little piece of this huge, crazy, Wolverine family. And I’ll still feel that way, whatever happens tonight, whether we win or we lose.

But I hope we win. GO BLUE.

2 thoughts on “On School Spirit, March Madness, and How It’s Always Great to Be a Michigan Wolverine

  1. HAIL! As a fellow Wolverine, I could no agree more. There is something magical about the UMich culture. I’m headed back to a2 for grad school in the fall and I am so stoked. Go blue!

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