Grimaldi’s Pizzeria


Shortly before my trip to New York, I had been reading up on stuff to do and had come across several mentions of Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, a super popular pizza place located at the Brooklyn end of the Brooklyn Bridge. The general consensus online seemed to be “the line is crazy, but it’s worth the wait.” Naturally, I had to find out for myself. I mean, why let a little thing like an hour-long line deter you from getting great pizza?

So, last Saturday morning, my family and I took the East River Ferry down to Brooklyn. The ferry leaves from 35th Street, conveniently just a few blocks from my sister’s apartment, and is a fun alternative to taking the subway down to Brooklyn (plus, you get great views of the city from the boat).

Grimaldi’s opens at noon, and we arrived around 10:30am. There was nobody waiting in line yet, so we decided to walk around Dumbo for a bit and made a stop at Jacques Torres for a tiny bit of chocolate (you’ve got to keep up your blood sugar during a long wait in line, am I right?). Around 11, we headed back to Grimaldi’s, and there were two groups waiting, so we got in line. As the minutes wore on, the line started to lengthen, and I was glad we had gotten there early. By the time noon rolled around, the line stretched all the way down the sidewalk, and as we were eating, we noticed that there was still quite a long line outside.

Right at noon, the doors opened, and we were ushered to a table upstairs. It was very cool to sit up there because we had an excellent view of the pizza making assembly line below us, and it was fascinating to watch the cooks at work.


Service was a bit slow at first, but we eventually were able to place our order and ended up getting two pizzas, one with pepperoni and peppers, and the other with ham and mushrooms.

My verdict? Grimaldi’s is good, but perhaps not worth all the hype. I thought our pepperoni and pepper pizza was really good, but the ham and mushroom pizza was just average, and it lacked any real punch of flavor. Grimaldi’s serves up good pizzas, but I think one experience waiting in the crazy line is enough; it’s not someplace I’d feel compelled to revisit regularly. That said, any place that serves up a nice brick-oven pizza is a good place in my book.






The Details: Grimaldi’s Pizzeria | 1 Front Street, Brooklyn, New York 11201 | 718.858.4300

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