Easter Brunch at Lexington Brass

I know Easter was a few weekends ago, but it’s never too late to discuss chicken and waffles, so let’s talk Easter brunch in NYC. We made our brunch reservations fairly late (and by “we,” I mean my negligent sister who was entrusted with this task, tsk tsk), so none of our first choice spots had openings. We ended up at Lexington Brass, which was an easy ten block walk from our hotel, and it was a pretty good choice. Or, at least, I enjoyed my meal – I think my family was a bit less jazzed about the items they selected.

lexington brass1

Lexington Brass offers a fixed price menu for Easter Brunch, but I didn’t really like any of the fixed price options and opted to order from the normal menu instead. I went with a splurge choice (it was a holiday, and I was on vacation!) and selected chicken and waffles (and a Bellini, of course). The waffles were really, really tasty – particularly the syrup that came with them. Good choice on my part, I must say:

lexington brass2

As for everyone else, I didn’t sample their meals, but from their comments, they were pretty much your standard issue breakfast/brunch items – that is to say, fine, but nothing special. At restaurants, I always see what other people get and feel like I ordered wrong, so this may be the first time in history I wound up with the best meal. Anyway, here’s a peek at what everyone else got. Starting at my chicken and waffles and going clockwise, we have: my sister’s frittata, my mom’s granola and eggs, my dad’s pancakes, and my best friend’s waffles:

lexington brass3

We also shared an order of truffle fries for the table. These were nice and crispy, and very flavorful:

lexington brass4

After brunch, we realized we had a bunch of time to kill before the musical that we were going to see (Once) started. We decided to grab dessert somewhere and randomly wound up at Taina Cafe. We were literally the only people in the place, which immediately made me question our choice, but we ordered tres leches cake to share and it was actually pretty good (and, if nothing else, nicely presented):

taina cafe

And that was our Easter Sunday. Coming up next: my last Easter-in-NYC post, covering our afternoon seeing Once on Broadway. Spoiler alert: it’s an incredible musical and everyone should go.

The Details:

Lexington Brass | 517 Lexington Ave, New York, NY 10017 | 212.392.5976

Taina Cafe | 134 E 48th St, New York, NY 10017 | 212.421.1116

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