Seeing “Once” on Broadway

once 1

This might sound cheesy, but to me, one of the most magical things in the world is seeing live performances on stage. Whether it’s a big, showy Broadway musical or a more straightforward play, there’s just something wonderful about being in a theater and seeing the actors before you onstage. It always amazes me that actors get up there and give about eight performances per week with such enthusiasm that I, in the crowd, honestly can’t tell whether it’s the 1st time or the 457th time they’ve performed their part. That’s talent and passion and dedication, and it’s awesome to see right in front of you.

I’ve been lucky enough to see lots of great musicals and plays, but I have to say that my most recent experience, seeing Once on Broadway, quite possibly tops them all. I’ve already used the word “magical” in this post, but I think it applies here again, as Once definitely has a touch of magic about it. The music is phenomenal, the performances are fantastic, and the story is poignant. An excellent combination, in my book.

My family saw the musical on Easter Sunday, catching a matinee after brunch. As we arrived at the theater and waited in line to enter, we learned a fun fact from the friendly Irishman standing in line behind us – the theater’s stage is decorated like a bar, and before the show and during intermission, the audience is welcome to come onstage, buy a drink, and listen to cast members play some music. I tried to covertly take a picture of the scene before the show (photography is prohibited at all times, but I promise I did not use flash!), but it didn’t turn out great and doesn’t capture at all how cool the atmosphere was inside the theater. Photos never really do, do they?

once 2

I knew going into this experience that the music would be wonderful, as I was familiar with the original movie upon which this is based. Nonetheless, I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed hearing all the songs. It was so cool to see all the actors onstage, playing their violins and guitars and accordions and dancing little Irish jigs and just looking so happy to be playing the songs. The music is flat-out incredible, in my book. And the show itself – though sad at times – is a great story. In case you can’t tell, I cannot recommend this one enough! Go see it. Go.

This is my last post from my recent trip to New York. In case you missed them, here are the others: NYC Instagrams, The High Line, Grimaldi’s, The Brooklyn Bridge, and Lexington Brass.

4 thoughts on “Seeing “Once” on Broadway

  1. “before the show and during intermission, the audience is welcome to come onstage, buy a drink, and listen to cast members play some music.” OMG AWESOME. I’ve been wanting to see the show because I LOVE the movie but this makes me want to see it even more!!

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