The other day, someone found my blog by searching for the term “venom rest in ann arbor.” While it might be possible that there’s some sort of snake exhibit in A2 I don’t know about, I find it more likely that they were looking for information about Vellum, a new(ish) restaurant on Main Street. So in the spirit of giving the people want they want, it felt like the right time to post about my recent dinner at Vellum.

I went with a friend a few weeks back, and I really enjoyed the restaurant. Among Ann Arbor restaurants, Vellum reminded me a bit of Grange in terms of style and price point, so I couldn’t help but mentally compare the two as I ate my meal. And, I have to tell you, Vellum definitely won that battle in my mind.

We had dinner at the tail end of happy hour, so I was able to sneak in a cocktail at happy hour prices. I had a Negroni, which I really like and always tend to order when I see it on a cocktail menu. I thought this drink was quite strong, but I tend to be a lightweight drinker, so take my opinion here with a grain of salt. Nonetheless, it was tasty!


I ordered the Walleye, with onion broth, shallot, brandade, and apple. I really enjoyed this fish, especially the touches of apple. The presentation of the dish seemed a bit random and scattered, but still sorta fun:


I also got a side of cornbread, which was the only letdown of my meal. There were little touches of maple in it, but overall I thought the cornbread wasn’t too flavorful. I think I’d try a different side next time.


Overall, I enjoyed my first foray to Vellum! I’d definitely go back, and I’d especially like to return for a happy hour and sample more cocktails.

Fellow Ann Arborites (Ann Arborians?), have you been to Vellum? If so, what did you think?

The Details: Vellum | 209 South Main Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | 734.929.4929

2 thoughts on “Vellum

  1. I’m a big fan. They may not hit home runs every time, but they are always swinging for the fences with everything they do – menu, wine, technique, presentation, service. To me, it’s actually the opposite of Grange. I think they caught on to the farm to table fad and have been phoning it in for a long time.

    1. Yeah, I totally agree – I don’t think I articulated it well, but that’s what I meant by my Grange/Vellum comparison – they seem similarly priced to me and to be aiming for a similar style of food, but only Vellum succeeds b/c I left Grange annoyed at wasting my money on thoroughly unmemorable food.

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