Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 70

hipster daenerysHipster Daenerys is into horse meat, as well as these 10 other things that are awesome:

  1. This is a gem: The Letter Bill Clinton Wrote to Chris Webber After the Timeout Fiasco.
  2. Do you watch Nashville? The show is generally pretty great, but this moment from a few weeks ago gave me chills (and, cough cough, possibly made me cry a little). Then once you watch that, why not fall down the YouTube rabbit hole and watch their other videos? Like this and this and this.
  3. Paris, stop being so beautiful: The Quiet City.
  4. Adding the new Romeo and Juliet to my list of must-see movies.
  5. Julia Child is one of my favorite people, ever. Here’s why: Top 20 Julia Child Quotes. #8, people. #8.
  6. 11 Incredibly Important Photos of a Baby Covered in French Bulldog Puppies. Dying. Equally Important? 28 Pictures of Golden Retriever Puppies That Will Brighten Your Day.
  7. Fascinating: 15 Vintage Celebrity Passports.
  8. It seems like every website is doing weekly Mad Men recaps these days, but I think this one is possibly the best. So clever!
  9. This week was the worst, and The Onion gets it (as per usual). Also, on a related note: WTF, Senate???
  10. And, if you need a laugh after the awfulness that was this week, why not have it at Ryan Lochte’s expense? This news anchor did. Jeah!

(Image via Mashable)

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