27 for 27: First Quarter Check

In the name of keeping accountable, I decided to task myself with quarterly check-ins for my 27 for 27 list; I figured that tracking my progress was the best way to make sure I actually got this list done (as opposed to the colossal failure that was my 26 for 26 list). So, where am I at so far?

1 – Take a cooking class: Incomplete. My plan is to do something at Zingerman’s this fall (I’m thinking macarons or pretzels).

2 – Create a Blurb photo book with some of my Instagram photos: Incomplete, but I’m intentionally holding off on this one so I can use photos from my August trip to Ireland and London.

3 – Mail at least one card (or postcard) per month: In progress – I’m on track so far. Here’s a sampling (I did not intentionally buy cards in the same color palette, I swear!):


4 – Read 27 new-to-me books: In progress. I’ve read six (see here and here), so I need to pick up the pace a bit. Luckily…finals are almost over!

5 – Do Project Life: In progress. I’m also a bit behind on this one (Weeks 1-4 are done), so again – I need to pick up the pace.

6 – Learn to knit: Incomplete. I haven’t even thought about doing this one yet; it probably won’t get done until the fall.

7 – Walk at 10,000 steps per day and track it on my FitBit: In progress. Slightly below average due to a few too many days spent almost entirely at the library or studying, but I’ve been doing much better in recent weeks. Funny how having nothing to do but prepare for finals suddenly makes exercising sound more appealing!

8 – Visit a cider mill in the fall: Incomplete, but as the task name suggests, I can’t do it until the fall anyway.

9 – Visit grandma’s grave on Mackinac Island: Incomplete, but I’m hoping to make a trip over fall break in October.

10 – Take fall photos around campus in Ann Arbor: Incomplete, but again – this is one I obviously can’t do now.

11 – Go to an outdoor movie this summer in NYC: Incomplete, but on the agenda for this summer.

12 – See a riverdancing show in Ireland: Incomplete, but I have tickets booked so this is definitely happening!

13 – Walk the Highline in NYC: Done, and I can’t believe I haven’t done this before! You can read about my walk here (and I’m sure I’ll be back many times this summer).

high line 8

14 – Make spaghetti alla gricia: Incomplete, and I’m wishing it weren’t – I love this meal. And think about it is making me want to go back to Rome.

15 – Cold brew my own coffee: Incomplete. Waiting until it gets warm so I can make iced coffee.

16 – Eat at Union Woodshop in Clarkston: Done! It was a really tasty meal; you can read about it here.

union woodshop6

17 – Go to a Tiger’s game: Incomplete. I have tickets for the May 12th game, though, so it’s happening soon!

18 – Try 3 DIY beauty masks/home remedies: In progress – one down, two to go. I’ll do a post when I finish all three, but for now, here’s a preview of my first:

homemade body scrub

19 – Eat at Ottolenghi in London: Incomplete, but I already made my reservation. Can’t wait for this one.

20 – Come up with a better (non-Pinterest) way to organize the million recipes I have bookmarked: In progress. I think I’ve decided it’s going to be Paprika, but I have to implement my plan (minor detail, right?)

21 – Make paella: Incomplete. And I’m now craving paella in addition to spaghetti alla griccia.

22 – Visit the DIA: Done! Read about my wonderful afternoon at the DIA here.


23 – See The Book of Mormon on Broadway: Incomplete, but I bought the tickets for my sister and I (and actually scoring tickets to this show is like 95% of the battle).

24 – Go to a Michigan hockey game: Incomplete. This one will have to be done next fall/winter.

25 – Make pizza dough from scratch: Done, many, many times. I haven’t posted about it yet, but here’s a preview:

homemade pizza dough

26 – Watch the Godfather trilogy: Incomplete. I’ve watched the first, but I want to rewatch it and then marathon the other two.

27 – Blog this list, including quarterly progress checks: In progress, obviously!

In summary, that’s 4 completely done, 7 in progress, and 16 incomplete. Overall, I’m behind from where I had hoped to be, BUT I’m doing way better this year than last. So that’s progress, right?

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