Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 72

middle-class problems

The weekly roundup of awesomeness:

  1. As a little girl, I was obsessed with American Girl dolls – in large part because, as a history nerd in training, I loved reading the books and learning about each doll’s time period. Today, American Girls are more like oversized Barbies; that is, shallow and superficial. This article nails it: American Girls Aren’t Radical Anymore.
  2. My Arrested Development hysteria continues to mount as little tidbits about the upcoming Netflix season start to emerge. For instance: this clip and these posters. Cannot. Wait.
  3. The law geek in me loves this: What’s the Most Important Supreme Court Case No One’s Ever Heard Of? (And, for the record, I’ve heard of/read all of them except one).
  4. Europe, in 9 Walks. Want to do all of these, especially the Paris Promenade.
  5. I never did a full semester study abroad program, but I did two summer ones and this list is so true: The 50 Best Study Abroad Memes (The Jon Hamm one!!)
  6. Great moments in the playoff history of the Detroit Red Wings. I vividly, vividly remember watching #4 with my friends.
  7. These are great: 27 Middle-Class Problems. #24 and #27 killed me.
  8. Stuff like this is why France is great: French Bus Drivers to Go on Strike in Protest of Their New Uniform Because the Trousers Are Too Tight.
  9. I marathon re-watched Sex and the CIty a few months ago and realized that the show is just not holding up well with time (seriously, I’m in my 20s and my maturity level is light years ahead of the women in their late 30s and early 40s on that show). To that end, can we all agree that Carrie Bradshaw is pretty much the worst? For example: 27 Ways You Are Not Carrie Bradshaw.
  10. And in conclusion, this is why Emma Stone is the best ever.

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