Adventures in Pizza Dough Making

Almost two years ago, I visited Taormina, Sicily (read about it here; it’s a beautiful, beautiful place), where I saw a pizza-making demonstration. It was really cool to watch the chef work – he made it look so easy! – and of course to taste the delicious finished products. Before I discuss my own recent pizza-making ventures, let’s reminisce about pizza-making in Sicily, shall we?

They toss the dough with panache…

pizza making 1

And top it to perfection:

pizza making 2

(All while sporting a pretty sweet popped collar, might I add)

And the finished product is glorious to behold!

pizza 2

Suffice it to say, I came home from that trip inspired to make my own pizza dough from scratch, but that inspiration didn’t translate to results. I’m not sure why, but I had it in my head that it would be ridiculously complicated for me to make my own dough, so I put off doing so for almost two years, until this spring. But once I finally got around to trying it, I wound up with excellent results.

I tried a couple different recipes with mixed success, but then I found this one (via Annie’s Eats) and knew I had found the one. This dough is so easy to make and it tastes super delicious. Now, whenever I don’t know what to make myself for dinner, I whip up a pizza and throw whatever veggies and cheese I have in my fridge on it. Total win.

I pretty much follow that recipe to a tee, with the one exception being I mix everything and knead the dough by hand. I’d like to claim this is because I simply prefer being more artisanal, rustic, and authentic…but, it’s because I don’t own a stand mixer. However, I actually quite enjoy doing it this way – it’s sort of fun to play around with the dough and get your hands messy. As you can see below, my dough winds up looking lumpy and less than perfect, but the finished product always tastes good, so why stress about it?

pizza dough

homemade pizza dough

Of course, nothing will ever top the wonderfulness of eating pizza in Italy…but it’s nice to have a recipe you can count on back home, too.

(Making my own pizza dough was #25 on my 27 for 27 list)

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