Waffle Break!

wafel shop1

I’m not going to lie, finals were rough this year (everybody tells you that 1L year is going to be hard, but nobody mentions how tough 2L is!). If I were telling you, nameless future law student, how to pick courses, I’d recommend taking a few with exams, and a few with papers (or better still, no final at all). However, being brilliant, I did not follow my own advice and wound up with FIVE in-class final exams this semester (people, that is a lot. Trust me). Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of quality time at the library over the past few months, holed up in the carrels at the Grad or underground at the Law Library. The days have been bleak.

Before my last final, however, I took a well-deserved (in my humble opinion) break and wandered down to the Main Street area for some waffles at the (aptly-named) Wafel Shop. Within the last few months, we’ve had both a waffle shop and a crepe shop open here in Ann Arbor, and despite being excited about both of these developments, I’m only now getting around to visiting (shame on me). The wait, however, was worth it.

At the Wafel Shop, you can choose between a Liege waffle (billed as “dense and chewy, with Belgian pearl sugar”) or a Brussels waffle (described as having a “crispy exterior, light, buttery, fluffy interior”). Then, it’s time to select your toppings. You can select among a variety of fruits, nuts, spreads, and syrups or, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, can pick one of the delicious-sounding combinations they recommend.

I opted for a Liege waffle topped with raspberries and Nutella. Here, as with Colliders from Rod’s, my theory is: if you add fruit, that makes it healthy! Dubious nutritional hypotheses aside, I have to say my chosen combo was perfection. I love the Liege waffle – the chewiness is what makes it great – and Nutella is always a good idea, amirite?!

Let’s take a look at the bad boy:

wafel shop2

Getting closer:

wafel shop3

Getting way closer:

wafel shop4

And finally, so close that you have to take a delicious bite!

wafel shop5

I really enjoyed my experience at The Wafel Shop and will definitely return. It’s nice to see downtown Ann Arbor getting fun specialty shops like this, and nicer still when they turn out to be quality establishments!

The Details: The Wafel Shop | 113 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | 734.369.4734

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